Coffea Liberica is the rarest coffee variety, that has not been unheard of, much less consumed. Even coffee connoisseurs of the world have no idea what Liberica is, due to its immense scarceness. Liberica is not commercially exported and those lucky enough to have tried it, have only tasted lower grade varieties of Liberica and a mediocre cup of Liberica coffee. This page will outline in detail why our only of its kind Liberica is the rarest of the rarest gems of not only the Liberica variety, but of all varieties of coffee.

How Rare is Liberica Rainforest Coffee?

Our coffee has never been heard of or consumed outside of our organization. Not even in it’s country of origin. It is truly a brand new and unprecedented coffee experience. You have never tasted coffee like this.

Where Did Coffea Liberica Originate?

In 1843 Coffea Liberica was discovered in Liberia, West Africa and currently has less than 0.1% of the world coffee market share.

What Is The Reputation of Liberica?

There are a few invalid claims about Liberica online from people who are not experts and have not experienced premium processed Liberica. For a trusted review about Liberica take a look at the video, The Truth About Liberica Coffee ( an interview with Dr. Steffen Schwarz with more than 20 years industry experience.

What is the History of Liberica Rainforest Coffee?

In the 1700s Dutch explorers brought Coffea Arabica (Typica) plants from the famous Hortus Botanicus of Amsterdam, these plants were originally from Yemen and brought to the coast of South America. This coffee was cultivated in the Rainforest region of this area.

In the 1800s the British colonized this area and took over the coffee estates. The British decided to also bring Coffea Liberica from Liberia and cultivate and harvest it in the Rainforest along with the current Coffea Arabica crops. This can be validated on pages 83-84 of the 126 historical document titled “BRITISH GUIANA British Empire Exhibition Wembley 1924” Printed in London by Sanders Phillips & Co. Ltd. It’s clearly documented about the harvest of both varieties.

We believe that most of the Coffea Arabica became extinct in this area due to the Coffee Rust disease and low elevation of the land. The ancient Liberica trees survive in low elevation and and can withstand all conditions of the elements. The wild grown Liberica of our Liberica Rainforest Coffee are from these ancient coffee trees and estates.

What’s So Special About Liberica Rainforest Coffee?

Along with the wonderful history previously outlined, our Liberica Rainforest Coffee is from the original Liberica plants from it’s place of origin Liberia, South Africa and has evolved in the miraculous Amazon Rainforest of South America since the mid 1800s. There is no other variety of coffee like this on the planet, period.

The phenomenal elements of the Rainforest has nurtured and naturally evolved this coffee bean as the true and unrivaled world’s rarest coffee.

Liberica Rainforest Coffee is 100% natural, wild grown, GMO & pesticide free, socially responsible and ethically sourced, wet processed, shade grown, hand picked cherries with an intense inspection.

How Can This Claims Be Validated?

Rainforest Liberica Coffee has been DNA tested by the United States Department of Agriculture and The World Coffee Research. Supporting documents can be made available upon request. Historical related events can be verified by a validated image of coffee estates in the specified region dated as 1810 along with written accounts in “BRITISH GUIANA British Empire Exhibition Wembley 1924” Printed in London by Sanders Phillips & Co. Ltd.

How Is Liberica Rainforest Coffee Processed?

The processing of Liberica Coffee is different than Coffea Arabica. Once the Liberica cherries are hand picked and inspected they must be processed within a short period of time. We are the only company that we know of that uses the wet processing method to produce a premium Liberica coffee bean.

We use a proprietary roasting process that significantly decreases the presence of chlorogenic acid lactones and phenylindanes the two chemical compounds that are responsible for the bitterness in coffee. This has been supported by the American Chemical Society and a scientist in Munich, Germany.

Why is Liberica Not Commercially Available?

Harvesting Liberica is very complex and labour intensive compared to Arabica or Robusta. All cherries can only be hand picked and the processing of the cherries is very difficult and requires expertise.

2021 Supply of Liberica Rainforest Coffee?

As it stands the maximum 2021 supply of this rare coffee is limited to 0.5 to 1 metric tonnes of green beans.

Where else can I get this coffee?

Liberica Rainforest Coffee is the only company that can provide this coffee as we are invested from the start of the supply chain onwards with global exclusive rights.

Is This Coffee Available Worldwide?

Yes, this coffee is available globally with secure DHL shipping

How Do I Process This Rare Coffee To Drink?

Why Is This Coffee So Expensive?

We feel that our coffee is reasonably priced for its value and one-of-a-kind- experience. Anything that is rare will carry an expensive price tag. Liberica Rainforest Coffee is not made for everyone. Our coffee is in the same category as the rarest scotch, finest wine, ultra luxury vehicle or fine art. We commonly refer to it as as the “ Mona Lisa” of coffees.

What Does Liberica Rainforest Coffee Taste Like?

Our coffee must be consumed black, no sugar required as the Liberica coffee bean has a natural sugar content. One person described the taste as the finest scotch of coffees. The taste of Liberica Rainforest Coffee is a brand new and unprecedented coffee experience, it tastes like no other coffee as it’s an entirely different variety than Arabica or Robusta.

I would describe this coffee as smooth, rich and exotic that provides a natural steadfast and energetic boost. It also has a palate-pleasing slight taste of smoked cocoa, golden citrus with a faint hint of rich coconut and mamoncillo under tones.

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